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Имя Исполнителя:: Samuel Colt
Профессия: Porn Star
Раса: Caucasian - American
Цвет Глаз: Blue
Цвет Волос: Brown
Пенис: Обрезанный
Волосы на Теле: Some hair
Телосложение: Muscular
Сексуальные Роли: Активный
Дополнительно: Muscled Samuel Colt is an award-winner many times over. He took the title Mr Powerhouse, Mr San Francisco Leather and was a finalist at Mr International Leather. And if that wasn't enough, he was then named Unzipped Magazine's Man of the Year 2010. He'd worked behind the scenes in porn for a while before signing as a Falcon exclusive to star in the studio's Mustang movies - pipping the guys at Raging Stallion who had wanted him for their stable. Fortunately for them, though, he later went on to film for Raging Stallion. Samuel, who admits to having had a drug problem in the past, has one of the sexiest muscled butts in the business and names Tom Katt and classic Colt models as early porn faves. A fan of bodybuilding and with a beefy hairy chest, Samuel's into men with muscles and uncut cocks and is also into CBT, leather and bondage. He normally tops but has been known to bottom. Samuel's hobbies include motorbikes, cooking and competition bodybuilding. He comes from Oregon but has lived in San Francisco for much of his adult life.

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