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Имя Исполнителя:: Edu Boxer
Профессия: Porn Star
Раса: Caucasian - American
Цвет Глаз: Green
Цвет Волос: Brown
Пенис: Не Обрезанный
Волосы на Теле: Hairy
Телосложение: Muscular
Сексуальные Роли: Активный
Дополнительно: Hairy and sometimes bearded muscle stud Edu Boxer was born and brought up in Spain. A favourite with daddy fans, he has brown hair and green eyes, an 8-inch uncut cock and stands about 5ft 8ins tall. His hobbies include swimming, horse riding, weights, cycling and soccer. He's pictured with Manu Maltes and began his XXX career in about 2004.

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